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Eine exzellente Hochschulausbildung und Auslandserfahrungen gehen Hand in Hand. Die Beteiligung am International Office Sharing ist ganz einfach und eröffnet Hochschulen und Studierenden neue Perspektiven. OMUNDO startet mit diesem Serviceangebot, weitere Projekte sind in Planung.

Weiterbildung (Professional Training)

Diese Informationen sind derzeit nicht in Deutsch verfügbar.

Angebot für Hochschulen im In- und Ausland

February 2012 & April 2012

Competence Germany and Networking GerN!

  • Higher Education Staff Mobility Training
  • Dates: 20.02.-24.02.2012 & 16.04.-20.04.2012
  • Application deadlines: 1.02.2012 & 1.03.2012
  • Minimum 8 / Maximum 15 participants
  • Fee: 750€

Competence Germany and Networking – GerN!

Fee: 750 Euro. The fee includes: welcome-meeting, training programme in Berlin, lunch, 2 x dinner, homestay with dinner, workshop materials, coffee breaks; the fee does not include: accommodation, travel costs. Universities taking part in the EU’s LLP can cover costs for travelling and accommodation with STT funds, and costs for the course can be covered with OM funds.

Competence Germany and Networking – GerN! – is a 5-day staff training. It combines theoretical background information with hands-on experience and job shadowing at partner universities or other guest universities in Germany. GerN! gives insights into intercultural structures with regards to university cooperation as well as social life. By learning more about the historical background and about educational topics participants will best be prepared for building cooperation with German universities.

Target group: Administrative Staff from international offices and faculties as well as teaching staff, who are involved in working with German universities.

Duration: 5 days, one of which is a visit to a German partner university or other guest university.

Group size: A maximum of 15 participants

Languages: The programme can be held either in English or German or Spanish, the presentations at the The Federal Agency for Civic Education are held in German or English. In Feburary and April 2012 the programm will be held in English.

Mentoring and training:

  • Ms. Johanna Janotta worked in the International Office of different universities. With OMUNDO she creates projects in the field of academic exchange.
  • Ms. Christine Lange has been working as an International Officer for more than ten years at a university of applied sciences for engineering.
  • Ms. Dr. Ulrike Brands-Proharam Gonzalez worked as an international relations manager for nearly 20 years before she was elected to her university’s equal opportunities office.

Management and mentoring: Johanna Janotta


1st Day: Germany now and then
We will look into the recent German history: has the country been re-united after the Wall came down? A tour through the German ‘Bundestag’ will give insights into Germany politics and history. An unusual tour of the city will then let you enter the German past.

  • Germany divided – Berlin divided: Lecture in The Federal Agency for Civic Education
  • Tour through the German Bundestag
  • City tour through Berlin with historical videos

Social programme: Get together and networking at dinner

2nd Day: German education policy
You will get an idea about the German understanding of education and the education policy in Germany. You will get the state of the art in education policy by learning about the ‘Initiative for Excellency’ competition and about the tendencies in international development in higher education. To round the day off you will get to know a German university from the inside.

  • German Identity and the German understanding of education in Europe’s mirror. Presentation by Prof. Dr. G. Wolfram, The Federal Agency for Civic Education
  • Visit to a Germany Ministry responsible for education
  • Visit to the DAAD in Berlin
  • Visit to a university and its international office

Social Programme: Homestay – be a guest with friends: experience German hospitality.

3rd Day: The German system of higher education
You will get to know interesting facts about the various forms of higher education institutes and about the fields of higher education. We will also look into the changes which the Bologna process brought about. Getting to know the difference in the structures of international offices will help you when looking for potential partners. Closing the day you will hear the pros and cons of the German system of higher education.

  • The higher education area in Germany
  • Bologna process and its implementation in Germany
  • International Offices and their structures
  • A 'foreign' student's report

Networking in the evening:participants present their universities at dinner

4th Day: Intercultural Training Germany
During this training day participants will gain a deeper insight in German culture and mentality, improve their intercultural competencies and strengthen their communication skills. Participants will learn to communicate and negotiate effectively with their German colleagues at universities or in other institutions, to assist their outgoing students and researchers in preparing their (exchange) stay in Germany and the incomings from Germany during their integration process. Stereotypes about Germans will be analyzed and important questions taken from the professional context of International Offices will be discussed.

  • Cooperating with German institute of higher education – coming to a successful agreement

Summary of the GerN! Training
Trip to the partner university / guest university

5th Day: Visit to the partner university, resp. another guest university
The programme will be continued at the partner university. If participants have not been cooperating with a German university so far we will help with looking for an appropriate one to visit.
Alternatively we can offer a weekend programme in Berlin. The costs will be calculated individually.

Application form
Programme in detail

Useful links
The Federal Agency for Civic Education (About us)
DAAD (Who we are)

Please note:
The famos International Film Festival BERLINALE takes place from 9 -19 February, 2012! www.berlinale.de