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An excellent university education and experience abroad go hand in hand. Participation in the International Office Sharing is very easy and opens new perspectives for students and universities. This is OMUNDO’s first service offering, additional projects are planned.

German Schools

Nowadays young people are more mobile than ever. To familiarize students with a range of mobility programmes already before finishing school, OMUNDO offers presentations leading to invaluable experience, independence, and an open-mindedness for international contacts.

1. Going Abroad After the Abitur
2. Studying Abroad / International Traineeships
3. My child is going to study for a bachelor´s degree: Bologna- ABC for Parents


1. Going Abroad After the Abitur

After leaving school with the Abitur and before starting studies in autumn, some students wish to experience a longer “orientation gap”, others would like to bridge the waiting semesters with useful activities.
There are manifold programmes and possibilities to make good use of this time by going abroad. The future students will be presented with information and tips regarding the following programmes:

  • Au Pair
  • Work and travel
  • Work camps
  • International voluntary services
  • 'weltwärts'/ 'kulturweit' (German governmental programmes for volunteers)
  • Traineeships organized by application agencies
  • Studying abroad
  • Training
  • Language holidays

The presentation takes approximately 1.5 hours.


2. Studying Abroad / International Traineeships

Preparatory planning for studying abroad usually takes about one to one and a half years. That is to say that students have to start preparing for their studies abroad soon after beginning their bachelor studies. However, the great number of activities at the start of studies, getting to know the study structure and environment as well as adapting to academic learning usually take up all the time of first-year students.

The presentation about “Studying Abroad and International Traineeships” offers future students an opportunity to familiarize themselves with that topic in time. The information provided will help to successfully organize study stays abroad.

Questions that are dealt with in the presentation:

  • How can I find information regarding study stays on the website of the university of my choice?
  • Who is in charge of giving advice regarding study stays abroad?
  • Are there any organized exchange programmes?
  • Can I also study abroad on my own initiative?
  • What else can I do abroad: traineeships, language courses, summer school?
  • When and for how long will I go abroad?
  • Are there any scholarships I can apply for?
  • How can I finance my stay abroad without a scholarship? etc.

The presentation takes approximately 1.5 hours.


3. My child is going to study for a bachelor´s degree: Bologna- ABC for Parents

Today´s first-year students decide on courses of study with a Bachelor´s or a Master´s degree. The degrees of Magister and Diploma are outdated. However, the terms Bologna and Bachelor/ Master lack transparency although known to students and their parents. What is actually behind the idea of Bologna, how does the Bologna concept affect the study systems in Germany and Europe, which possibilities are there now that didn´t use to exist before, why were there protests of students, what has been improved since?
This presentation aims at informing interested parents on how their child´s studies can proceed as well as possible career opportunities with regard to the multitude of courses of studies.

The presentation takes approximately 1.5 hours