To meet each other, to broaden one´s world and to overcome borders – these are the goals and objectives of OMUNDO. We aim to show ways for international exchange to students and everybody who is interested, and we help them make optimum use of these possibilities – to strengthen personal competencies, to train language abilities, and to gain practical experience for one´s personal and professional development.

Johanna Janotta, M.A.

“OMUNDO developes new services that support the internationalization of universities. International Office Sharing is one of our products.” Johanna Janotta
Johanna Janotta,
The Founder of OMUNDO

The People

At OMUNDO, the individual takes centre stage. That is why we focus on personal contact and individual advisory services in particular. OMUNDO combines high professionalism with long-standing experience and specialist expertise.

The Idea

OMUNDO connects world by international mobility, intercultural communication, and by promoting language skills and social competencies. Our offers are meant for universities, students and everybody who is interested in an international activity.

International experience is an asset for a lifetime, for one´s personality as well as for one´s professional career. Acquiring knowledge, getting to know different approaches and learning new languages are an experience that will open up new vistas to the student.

OMUNDO was founded with the conviction that understanding other cultures is important for both personal and social development, nowadays more than ever before. Therefore OMUNDO offers effective support for the building up of international networks. OMUNDO intends to not only meet an existing demand, but to actively arouse interest in international exchange and in gaining international experience.

Our Goals and Objectives

It is one of the goals of OMUNDO to show ways of realizing their plans to everybody who is interested in gaining international experience and to help them putting their individual ideas into practice. Our task, as we see it, is to support interested people, particularly students, in organizing and realizing their study stay abroad.

In addition, OMUNDO would like to actively improve possibilities of personal mobility. For this purpose, OMUNDO will also promote and train disseminators for international exchange.

The Founder

Johanna Janotta, M.A., holds degrees in communication studies, Spanish studies, and ethnology. She graduated at Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany, and has lived in Mexico, Guatemala, and Poland. Her long-standing work in several International Offices – partly in managerial positions – gave her the idea of founding OMUNDO. For realizing her services, she can draw on an international network and far-reaching contacts, such as DAAD (German academic exchange service) and InWEnt (giz).