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An excellent university education and experience abroad go hand in hand. Participation in the International Office Sharing is very easy and opens new perspectives for students and universities. This is OMUNDO’s first service offering, additional projects are planned.


Services for German students
    1. Advisory Service for German Students Studying Abroad
    2. International Traineeships – A Plus for the Start of Your Career
Services for international students
    1. Advisory Services for International Students
    2. Practical Support for International Students


German Students

OMUNDO supports and promotes the international mobility of German students. Today, understanding other cultures has become essential for one´s own and for social development in a world that is continuously growing together. Experience acquired abroad is seen as a bonus by many employers nowadays and is even explicitly required in some areas.

1. Advisory Service for German Students Studying Abroad
2. International Traineeships – A Plus for the Start of Your Career


1. Advisory Service for German Students Studying Abroad

When studying and living abroad, you will improve your language abilities, acquire intercultural skills, get to know other countries and systems, make new contacts with people and widen your horizon.

To ensure a successful study stay abroad, you should start organizing it about one and a half years before leaving.

We provide the following information for you:

What to do when staying abroad:

  • Courses of study (exchange/ free mover)
  • Traineeship/ practice semester
  • Language courses
  • Studies and traineeship combined
  • Language course and/ or traineeship combined
  • Mobility during the time gap between Bachelor and Master

Preparation of your stay abroad

  • Linguistic preparation, language tests (IELTS, TOEFL)
  • Applying at the university abroad
  • Applying for scholarships
  • Formalities (Visa, health insurance)

Promotion and financing of your stay abroad

  • Scholarship programmes, Scholarship Data Bank of DAAD
  • Students´ organizations AIESEC, IAESTE
  • ERASMUS (EU), DAAD (worldwide), Fulbright (USA), giz (worldwide)
  • Financing, BAföG, education loans

Recognition of achievements from abroad

  • Requirements for recognition
  • Completion of formalities, settling of a learning contract
  • Recognition of achievements after returning home

2. International Traineeships – A Plus for the Start of Your Career

International practical work experience during and after studies is no longer an exception but has become quite normal. To gain practical experience for themselves and for their career, many students and graduates travel abroad every year to different countries of the world, irrespective of their courses of studies.

The seminar aims at giving information on how to organize practical stays abroad in order to make them a success. We present promotion and application agencies for traineeships abroad as well as promotion programmes, and we provide bibliographical references, useful web addresses, and practical tips for finding a traineeship.

The seminar takes approx. 3 hours.


International University Applicants

OMUNDO helps international university applicants with getting to know Germany and obtaining valuable insights into the German study system. By supporting international students with qualified advice, OMUNDO promotes the acquisition of intercultural skills and specialist knowledge throughout their entire stay in Germany.

1. Advisory Services for International Students
2. Practical Support for International Students


1. Advisory Services for International Students

You have decided to make Germany your place of study. To enable you to smoothly start your studies, we offer qualified, individual preparation.

We provide information about the following:

  • University system and study offers in Germany
  • Individual ways of studying
  • Language requirements
  • Providers of German language courses
  • Application procedures for NC subjects
  • Courses of study that are subject to aptitude tests
  • Application procedures via uni-assist
  • Advice on verification of equivalency of reports, certificates, diplomas etc.
  • Framework conditions of alien laws, industrial laws and insurance laws
  • Promotion possibilities

2. Practical Support for International Students

If you intend to study in Berlin, we can locally ensure a smooth start for your studies and help you profit from an interesting and successful study stay.

These support services can be designed to meet your personal needs, e.g.

  • Help with finding a suitable advisor
  • Pick-up from the airport or station
  • Escorting you when you enrol
  • Contact partner for study-related or personal issues
  • Help with dealing with German authorities
  • Help with finding accommodation
  • Cultural event offers